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What do 2Pac, Too $hort, Mac Dre, E-40 and even MC Hammer have in common? They’re all internationally known rappers/MC’s out of the Bay Area, Oakland California…. So if you were to combine them all, say 2PAC’s charm, intense lyricism and poetry, with MC Hammers commanding stage presence and bravado, sprinkled with Too $hort’s street mentality, you’d get up and coming artist on the verge, SteveLan.

Steve, like his predecessors has been passionately grinding it out on the underground scene, quietly honing his craft and preparing listeners for his International debut.

Born in Oakland, California to a single mother, Steve was exposed to the unique sounds of the Bay Area at a very young age. To quell the darker side of his environment, violence and drug usage being rampant in his neighborhood, and with only his mother to support him; Steve used music and football to express his frustrations and project his artistry.

Initially, a career as a professional athlete steered Steve in a positive direction. Football took him the farthest by helping him gain a college degree however, becoming a rapper kept persisting at the back of his mind in which he could no longer fight. A stint as a member of a local rap group, E-Team ensued whose first album Smooth Ghetto Jazz helped Lan realize he had a strong knack for writing lyrics. The group didn’t last long, and Steve broke out as a soloist.

Steve often describes his music as “Middle Finger Music,” an artistic statement to anyone and everyone, that he is unique, does not conform, and raps about whatever he feels like without concern for criticism. Steve is passionate about being able to express himself poetically, delivering powerful subliminal messages, while at the same time entertaining his fan base, particularly the ladies.

“I don’t go into the studio to try to sound like anybody else or imitate what anybody else is doing; so, when I say middle finger music, it’s just like, I don’t care what anybody else thinks. I’m not going to let society conform me.”

Steve spent several months putting together his independent mixtape Freight Train. Following its underground popularity and numerous downloads, Freight Train caught the attention of Blaqline Entertainment who quickly signed him to their management roster.

Things began to progress positively under the direction of new management, and Steve soon found himself opening for award winning artists Tyga and YG. This later became a common thread, with Steve’s name continually being billed alongside other big name acts such as DJ Quick, Ray J, Eric Bellinger, Too $hort, and many others.

A visit to Atlanta, GA to attend and perform at the International Music Conference in the fall of 2015, gained Steve further notoriety and recognition impressing music executives, and talent while at the same time building his growing fan base.

Steve feels strongly about his individualism and is adamant that when you listen to his music, you will not be able to compare him to anyone else but himself, bringing a well-needed refresher to the hip-hop genre.

“I bring a unique sound and a unique perspective to this business.” Steve says. “Just coming from Oakland, and having a well-rounded sound makes me able to be heard on a global level. Everything is authentic. I really eat, sleep, and breathe music; from the moment I wake up. I do this all day every day. A lot of people can’t say that. A lot of people are doing music just because it looks good. But it’s actually what I do. This is a lifestyle. It’s my art and I’m being myself.”


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    My City

    Latest single "My City" now available.

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    Caught Up

    New single "Caught Up" now available.

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    Mixtape featuring A-Dash, Steve Lan, and JP Big Shot.

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    New single  "Faded" is now available.

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  • Exclusive Performance

    Steve Lan invited to give special guest performance.

    November 6, 2015
  • Tennyson High School Pep Rally

    Steve Lan performs at Tennyson High School.

    October 22, 2015
  • Castle High School Pep Rally

    Steve Lan performs at Castle High School.

    October 22, 2015
  • Behind The Scenes

    Check out what went down behind the scenes at Steve Lan’s photo shoot.

    October 21, 2015
  • The IMC Magazine

    Steve Lan Featured on TheIMCMagazine.com

    September 30, 2015
  • The International Music Conference

    Steve Lan attends and performs at The International Music Conference 2015 in Atlanta, GA.

    September 17, 2015
  • Video Shoot

    Amazing new video shoot preview of “My City”

    June 21, 2015





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